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About P2P services.


1. This web-site is designed for customers, registered into u-Works, convenience, so they are able to search for service providers.
2. Service providers are divided into categories; each service provider can provide services from the different categories at the same time.
3. Service providers entering the system use the menu item SERVICE, but registered service recipients choose CUSTOMERS.
4. Customer in u-Works chooses service provider, the commencement of work and payment service PayPal system (http://www.paypal.com/).
5. Service provider must log-in into its’ account in u-Work system and approve (ACCEPT) or refuse (REJECT) order within three hours time. u-Works administration selects service provider by itself if actions mentioned above are not met. For each new order service provider is informed by e-mail and SMS.
6. U-Work system is entitled at any time to change one service provider to another in case if the service provider hasn’t approved order according to regulations mentioned above.
7. Not earlier than 14 days after order is completed, u-Works transfers the funds to the service provider to its’ PayPal account. Freezing of funds for this certain period is needed to minimize risk off deceptive transactions in u-Works.
8.In case if u-Works internal security system has any doubts about the nature of the transactions, u-Works reserves the rights to return the money to the payer's account and cancel the transaction.
9. In case if the money transfer has been made from stolen PayPal funds, u-Works does not return money to the service provider, but after analyzing each specific case apart shall decide on passing to the police all collected information on the transfer (IP address, computer parameters, and cookies data). If there is suspicion of fraudulent activity in u-Works, suspected user accounts will be blocked.


1. Business description.
2. Internal mail.
3. Service provider’s information, the follow-up image gallery.
4. Account holder information’s’ verification.


1. Business description.
2. Internal mail.
3. Service provider’s information, the follow-up image gallery.
4. Account holder information’s’ verification.


1. In order to ensure maximum credible reports about the service providers and customers, u-Works performs e-mail and phone number verification, by sending codes, which must be entered into the required fields.
2. Customer additionally can verify its’ account with the Facebook account (http://www.facebook.com/).
3.In some cases can be requested to download the passport or any other ID document scanned image in account settings section VERIFICATION.
4. u-Works can also call back to the phone number which is mentioned in the profile and personally check whether the person who answers the phone has actually created the service provider’ s or the customer’ s account or paid for the transaction.


1. Communication among the customers and service providers in u-Works is provided by internal mail.
2. Registered and non-registered customers both can send an e-mail to the service provider in the u-Works website.
3. Non-registered customers shall mention their e-mail address and phone number, which are valid and can be used to reach them. Registered customers use the u-Works internal communication system.


1. Service provider registers in u-Works website and confirms its’ e-mail address. It is not needed to confirm phone number. Service provider shall be interested in to indicate the correct phone number to receive SMS for new work orders and that customer could communicate with service provider.
2. There are no specific sections for the customers and service providers to register; it can be done by applying for the service. Customer account’s registration and order without account’s shall be confirmed by SMS, to ensure that customer can be reached at certain phone number.


1. Settlment among system users is via PayPal system (http://www.paypal.com/).
2. Transfers are made in GBP (British punds).
3. PayPal fee shall be paid by money sender.
4. By any chance if service cannot be accomplished, u-Works return funds to the money sender via PayPal. Funds shall be returned to the same account from where the transfer has been done at the beginning.